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Top Dunia Sepuluh Ahli Waris Terkaya
Heiressescopy Worlds Top 10 Richest Heiresses
Pewaris adalah wanita yang mewarisi atau mengharapkan untuk mewarisi kekayaan besar. Tidak ada hal seperti kehidupan sederhana untuk seorang ahli waris. Apakah ia lebih memilih untuk mengabdikan dirinya untuk mengejar yang lebih tinggi atau bermain-main dan melompat-lompat seperti anak sekolah pada liburan musim semi, pasti tindakannya akan dicatat oleh orang-orang dengan dan tanpa kepentingan pribadi dalam kesejahteraannya. Berikut adalah daftar dan informasi top dunia sepuluh ahli waris terkaya.
1. Anna Anisimovaanna anisimova Worlds Top 10 Richest Heiresses
Anna Anisimova may not have her Western namesake’s copious amounts of wealth, but she does have an extremely well-to-do daddy who bankrolls her gallivanting. Anna also shares Paris’ joie de vivre. For example, Anna put down more than half-a-million Yankee dollars just to rent a house for the summer. Granted, it was a really nice house and it was in the Hamptons, but come on now. Aluminum tycoon and Anna’s father, Vassily Anisimov, sent his daughter to America to escape Vladimir Putin’s cold, hard Russia. After all, his first daughter — Anna’s older sister — was killed because the wealthy are targets in their homeland. But Anna is not required to lay low in her new American home — quite the opposite actually. She became a social butterfly while living in New York, partying, shopping, modeling occasionally, and doing all of the things that socialites do. Anna goes to school at New York University, but she doesn’t just sit around her $15 million Manhattan apartment studying and chatting. Anna got into the real estate game. Apart from her four other residences across the U.S., she also bought a $23 million studio which she converted into condos. Now she’s looking to move to Los Angeles where she is developing a line of perfume.

2. Amanda Hearst

amanda hearst Worlds Top 10 Richest Heiresses
The name Hearst immediately conjures up the words “media empire.” Amanda Hearst is the great granddaughter of the famous publishing industry magnate William Randolph Hearst. Related to Lydia Hearst-Shaw, Amanda is blessed with beauty and a healthy bank account and is now in her early 20s, forging her own path as a fashion model for the IMG agency. Amanda was recently signed as the face of Lilly Pulitzer. Not satisfied with being rich and good-looking, Amanda is currently studying art history at Fordham University in New York City. In a poll conducted by FHM magazine in early 2007, Amanda was voted the 14th most eligible bachelorette according to their criteria of wealth and looks. Some even call her the new “It Girl” of high society.

3. Georgina Bloomberg

Georgina Bloomberg Worlds Top 10 Richest Heiresses
Michael Bloomberg only just got his financial software company off the ground when he welcomed his first child, Georgina, into the world. Over two decades later, Bloomberg is worth $5.5 billion and holds office as the mayor of New York City. However, Georgina has shown no interest in politics or business. Instead she has become a champion equestrian rider, participating in tournaments across America and Europe and winning several major awards. Georgina is currently studying arts and sports management at New York University.

4. Lydia Hearst Shaw

Lydia Hearst Shaw Worlds Top 10 Richest Heiresses
Along with Amanda Hearst (also on this list), Lydia Hearst is one of the heiresses to the vast fortune of the Hearst media empire. The promise of future wealth beyond her wildest dreams hasn’t stopped this eager young lady from branching out on her own with a formidable modeling career. With her Twiggy-like looks and worldwide family recognition, Lydia is making a name for herself even if it does resemble the same name as a business that makes billions each year. She even teamed up with designer Anand Jon to create fashionable handbags and jeans.

5. Ivanka Trump

ivanka trump Worlds Top 10 Richest Heiresses
What do you get when a beautiful Czechoslovakian Olympic skier marries a rich real estate developer? Ivanka Trump, that’s what. Born in 1981, Ivanka has the best of both of her parents; the striking facial features and blond hair of her Eastern European mother, Ivana, and the deep, deep pockets of dear old dad and self-professed billionaire, Donald Trump. As a 16-year-old prep-school student, Ivanka only had her tuition paid for so she had to find other sources of income to keep her in the black. She became a model and has been on the cover of several magazines, including Seventeen, Elle, Glamour, and Stuff. Ivanka also strolled the catwalk for Versace, Marc Bouwer and Thierry Mugler, and appeared in ads for Tommy Hilfiger and Sassoon Jeans. Her modeling years eventually ended as Ivanka finished her schooling. She graduated magna cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science degree in economics. Her intelligence and true-to-form Trump work ethic have helped her attain a position as vice president of real estate development and acquisitions at none other than the Trump organization. Ivanka has even appeared in the boardroom of her father’s reality television show The Apprentice. One can only assume that she will continue to climb the ladder at Trump Tower and have both her position and responsibilities grow as the organization grows. That is as long as she doesn’t mess up and her dad doesn’t fire her, of course.

6. Casey Johnson

casey johnson Worlds Top 10 Richest Heiresses
Casey Johnson is not just the daughter of Woody Johnson, owner of the New York Jets, she is also heiress to the immense Johnson & Johnson fortune. Born to be a billionaire, Casey even attended prep schools alternately with Paris Hilton and Ivanka Trump. She’s done all the usual things that heiresses do, like working as an assistant publicist for a major PR firm while doing philanthropy on the side, of course. Casey keeps pretty busy these days. Last year she adopted a child from Kazakhstan while doing research and development on some all-natural skin-care products. Casey plans to unveil her Journey product line in the near future.

7. Dylan Lauren

Dylan Lauren Worlds Top 10 Richest Heiresses
Dylan Lauren, now in her early 30s, is the daughter of fashion mogul Ralph Lauren, but seems to still have visions of sugar plum fairies dancing in her head. After she graduated from Duke University, Dylan developed a hip new fashion-forward candy store called Dylan’s Candy Bar (DCB), which currently has four locations in the U.S. DCB not only has a unique candy-themed layout, but the store sells its own line of candies, chocolates and branded clothing. Scouting is underway for future locations. Dylan may be the heiress to daddy’s billion-dollar fashion empire, but that isn’t stopping her from creating her own wealth in the meantime

8. Hind Hariri

Hind Hariri Worlds Top 10 Richest Heiresses
Hind Hariri.Worth a cool $1.6 billion, Hind Hariri is the youngest billionaire in the world. Still single and in her early 20s, Hind inherited her fortune after the assassination of her politician and businessman father, Rafik Hariri, in 2005. Hind graduated from the Lebanese American University in Beirut that same year. Since then, Hind’s been keeping busy with her social-events calendar. She even campaigned for her brother, Saad, in the latest elections in Lebanon.

9. Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton Worlds Top 10 Richest Heiresses
Paris Hilton is unique amongst the heiress clan. Paris doesn’t merely exist, she practically has her own orbit. Known as a celebutante (a mélange of celebrity and debutante), Paris frequently finds herself in the news and, more recently, involved with the law. Born in 1981, Paris is the oldest of the four children of Kathy Richards and Richard Hilton of the Hilton Hotel chain. Hiltons are predestined for stardom as their family tree is populated with business tycoons and entertainment personalities including Elizabeth Taylor and Zsa Zsa Gabor. Paris’s status as an heiress is certified as she reportedly inherited between $30 and $50 million after the death of her great grandfather, Conrad Hilton, the founder of Hilton Hotels. Money has mostly provided her with the means to be a socialite/party girl, but Paris has also dabbled in acting (the 2005 horror remake House of Wax) even trying her hand at a reality television show called The Simple Life with co-celebutante Nicole Richie. Paris has even given singing a shot. Her album Paris was released in 2006 under her own label, Heiress Records. She also co-authored a book called Confessions of an Heiress. In late 2006, she started marketing a perfume, conveniently called Heiress.

10. Nicky Hilton

Nicky Hilton Worlds Top 10 Richest Heiresses
Nicky, born in 1983, is not only gorgeous to look at, but she also has an eye for design. Her line of clothing for girls, juniors and women, Chick by Nicky Hilton, is hip and stylish and oh-so current. While Nicky manages to avoid the limelight more than her front-page riding big sis, she’s still made a name for herself as a well-known model. Nicky models for designer Anand Jon and even designs handbags for Tokyo-based Samantha Thavasa. As if that weren’t enough, Nicky has embarked on a project to open her own chain of hotels appropriately named Nicky O.

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