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Anti-Fatigue Iced Gel
Instantly soothes heavy-feeling legs and feet
This icy gel instantly soothes heavy-feeling legs and feet.
Its plants:
- Organic lavender essential oil for the well-being and comfort of your feet
- Refreshing peppermint essential oil
Apply 2 times per day on your feet and massage upwards
on legs.

1.7 fl.oz. Tube / 50 ml Scroll upScroll down

Yves Rocher USA
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Arnica Daily Moisturizing Hand Cream
Light texture. Hydrate. Protect.

Hands down favorite!
Daily moisture hand cream is the best way to keep your hands soft and supple. Apply a knob to your hand and massage gently until it is absorbed. You will immediately feel the moisturizing comfort.
Yves Rocher offers a variety of botanical skin care products that are both affordable and effective. We also recommend the Arnica Essential Oil & Hand Cream Duo for complete skin care for your hands.

Yves Rocher USA
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Sheer Foundation Radiant Effect
Get an ultra-naturel complexion !

Get an ultra-natural complexion! Lighter than a traditional foundation, very discreet, ultra-comfortable, it is ideal for all day wear. Its lightweight texture glides smoothly over the skin and helps to even out your complexion while moisturizing.

Three shades for a healthy glow:
- Beige rosé to illuminate light skin,
- Beige naturel to sublimate medium skin, and
- Beige soleil to enhance darker skin.
The Plus : Its texture is enriched with moisturizing orange water.
1.0 fl.oz./30 ml bottle Scroll upScroll down

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Fraîcheur Végétale

Green Tea - Eau de cologne
The replenishing serenity of Green Tea.
The restorative serenity of Green Tea.
Yves Rocher has selected for you the Green Tea (Camellia sinsensis) known for its regenerating properties.
A fresh, luminous trail which refreshes your senses and revitalises your spirit.
Spray 4.2 fl.oz. / 125 ml
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Cellulite reducer
Day after day, skin appears visibly smoother.

For who? Anyone who hates cellulite.
Why? Hormones, heredity or stress cause cellulite to pad out the skin, creating the well-known ‘orange peel’ effect.
How does it work? Green coffee bean is combined with Ficaria extract to improve the appearance of your skin*, while Andiroba oil helps reduce the appearance of fat.
Day after day, skin appears visibly smoother.
The Plus: There is a pleasant ‘icy’ tingling sensation as this advanced formula takes effect.
Bottle 6.7 fl oz. / 200 ml.* in vitro tests
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The soft, soothing scent of orange blossom in a prettylittle sachet... great for lingerie drawers and linen closets, as well as a fragrant stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift!Approx. 3.5'/9 cm L x 3.5'/9 cm W.

Pur Désir de Fleur d'Oranger Perfumed Sachet

Yves Rocher: The Creator of Botanical BeautyAll Yves Rocher great deals !

For 50 years now, with much passion and patience, the Yves Rocher Brand has been building bonds of love, respect and loyalty. A bond with its home village of La Gacilly in the Brittany region of France, a bond with plants, so fragile and precious, and of course, and above all, a bond with women. This is why the Yves Rocher Brand has carved out such a special place for itself in the world of cosmetics. This is why I love this Brand. Each and every day, I am happy and proud to be cultivating these values that are so dear to Yves Rocher's heart!

Bris Rocher,
President of Yves Rocher Group

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